Thursday, April 23, 2009

working the shadow ...

"... if i can see god in my shadow, i'm going to see it in yours ..."


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Hi lisa thanks for the visit to my blog and I appreciate your comment.
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I will now follow you!!
Happy Crafting.
Your creations are lovely

Anonymous said...

I love your video's but I wanted to know who they are from..
Did you do them?
I love the Valentine Vulva one. was that part of a suzi workshop.
I think I am going to do something
To help raise money for this kind of awareness. I am an abuse survivor and I have a 16 year old daughter..

lisa cole said...

glad you like the videos ... some are mine and some aren't ...

the valentine one wasn't a suzi workshop (although i never miss one of her videos) ... i'm also a survivor of abuse and think it's very important that we raise strong girls ... strong, confident little girls are the only antidote to the abuse of girls and women, imo ... the word vulva was a very small part of the video, but i thought it was important ...

xoxo said...

I love this post!!
And I wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my blog, I appreciate all you do for the world and being green.
I am a follower of you, are you a follwer of me?
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