Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010

When the moon blooms
Like a flower in the night
~ Mark Heard

I've always been fascinated with moonflowers ... they're evening/night blooming flowers. Unfortunately, I've already killed my moonflower seedlings for this year. I let them get chilled. They have to be kept really warm. I'll have to settle with painting them.

This is a 6" x 6" hand stretched 11 ounce canvas with 2 1/2" sides (I'll put up a tutorial on how to make these soon). I love the chunkiness of it. I lightly gessoed the canvas. Too much gesso and any watery paint will just pool on the surface. This way, the canvas stays matte and a bit porous and it's more like working on watercolor paper.

I made this for our new neighbors. We live in the country and have been smack in the middle of 40 acres for years. We finally have a neighbor, almost within shouting distance ... a nice family with little kids. Anyway, this is on a 5" x 5" hand stretched 7 ounce canvas with 1" sides. I kind of like working small sometimes.

It needs ... something. It doesn't seem finished. The spiral shape is also know as a golden spiral ... It's on a 12" x 12" hand stretched 11 ounce canvas with 2 1/2" sides. I've used tinted and untinted gel medium as a resist here.


nollyposh said...

~Gorgeous~ i remember in my early twenties i moved for 18mths to a different state for an adventure with my then boyfriend... We consequently broke up & i ended up renting a room from a lovely girl, in a beautiful little cottage and i remember how she had Moon~flowers in her garden... i remember being totally captivated by their magical blooming as the sun went down... i've never seen them since except in a magical little painting that someone special gave to me X;-) that sits on my ~creating~ desk <3

The Rich Ant said...

Your work is simply amazing.

Lisa Viger said...

Nolly, you probably haven't seen them because they're so hard to grow! lol

SO glad you liked the painting ... that book really was a point of transformation in so many ways :) ... xoxo

Lisa Viger said...

ty Ant!

Lydia said...

Love this effect! Beautiful.

Janet said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!