Thursday, June 10, 2010



a movement toward a goal

going on; under way; being done; happening:

to grow or develop, as in complexity, scope, or severity; advance

Works in progress ...

"sight" 10" x 10" x 2.5"

"she's a rainbow" 12" x 12" x 2"

7" x 7" x 2.5"

"shh" ... 12" x 12" x 2"

24" x 24" x 2.5"

24" x 24" x 2.5"

"allie and ledger - life size" 24" x 24" x 2.5"


Diane said...


nollyposh said...

Oh wOw!

Cole said...

wow these are amazing! Just stumbled upon your blog and I love your creations.

shell-rose creations said...

These are absolutely gorgeous, Lisa! I hope you don't mind, I added your link to my blog. : )

curlysusieQ said...

So, is "She's a rainbow" for sale? I think I got the name right. Beautiful work and the lettering is great.

EWian said...

Thank you for sharing your work in progress always fun to see.